Plumb Interior Design is a Melbourne based small business that was established by the director in 2004.

Anne undertakes residential and commercial work, both large and small scale projects and has a wealth of experience under her belt. If you are struggling with knowing where to start or how to create the look that you have in mind Anne will be able to help.

Anne can meet with you on site to get an idea of what you want to achieve. She can then provide an assessment of the scale of the project andĀ  budget and will advise a calculated but honest way to tackle it. This can be working on plans, where Anne can help with space utilisation, ergonomic design, as well as asthetically achieving a well balanced concept, right through to the details, such as cabinetry design, electrical plans, colour consultancy, furniture and finishes selection. Whether it’s all or just one service please feel free to enquire.

To learn more about Plumb Interior Design or to arrangeĀ  a consultation please contact us.